Service Policies (2009 May)
                          TELEPHONE SUPPORT 

There is no charge for about five (5) minutes on the phone. This
includes questions to the client for determining their needs, and
questions from the client on costs and policies. Questions from the
client on specialized technical information is not provided free.

If clients need more help, they can phone anytime 24x7, to set up
an appointment anytime 24x7, for any time which is not already
scheduled. Standard response time for jobs of one half day or less,
is within 24 hours of being contacted. Immediate service can be
provided for emergencies or if requested.


An appointment for planning or troubleshooting is generally
scheduled for one hour. In that time questions can be asked and
answers can be given by both parties. Bench work or hands-on
demonstrations will be done as needed. A problem can be analyzed,
and often fixed, or a plan for action can be made during this
appointment. The charge for one hour is $75.


If time beyond the first appointment is needed, often work can be
completed in about a half day's time, which is charged at a flat fee
of $250 including the hour appointment. These hours do not need to
be consecutive, but can be on different days if ordering parts, etc.
The time between the appointment and half day rates is negotiable
and may be made with a written Quote or Work Order. This could
include time priority, equipment costs, scope of work and hourly
charges, flat fee for limited service, and payment in advance.


Products for emergency service are available in town. If you have
the part number, specialized or consumer products can be gotten in a
day or two if needed. However significant cost savings can be made
by setting up an appointment to examine your needs, survey what is
on the market, choose the right products, shop for the best
supplier, use standard shipping, and custom build or configure the
products. You can also bring us your best deal in writing, and we
will try to beat it.