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Tok, Alaska

The following is taken from the "History of The TENT in TOK and WINTER CABIN......

Charles Kuralt's crew interviewed me in front of my cabin for his Sunday morning show. A crew from Anchorage came up and filmed me and the cabin for a made-for-television special that same year. Journalists from all over the South 48 came to Tok, stayed in my cabin and my guest cabin, wrote their stories and returned to their respective newspapers and magazines.

The guest cabin served (and is still used) as home base for television crews, journalists, and even a few celebrities (though I am not at liberty to reveal names of those celebrities who seek its peace, quiet and solitude here in the winter time). The idea of a Bed & Breakfast evolved through those years. I built two more log cabins, using them and the original guest cabin as part of the B & B, and built a modern bathhouse for the comfort of my guests. I still write, and freelance, have written a full-length manuscript (not in print yet) detailing the tent winter--and I cut my own firewood and heat my cabin exclusively with wood. I love this land and its people, its happiness and its hardships. The love affair that started when I was only six years old with Alaska has not, nor will it ever, wane. I'd like to invite you to share my Alaska...through my writings, tapes and photos, or when you're visiting our great state. It's an experience that will never be forgotten!

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